Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 2
Tues. Jan 11, 2012

Satisfied Mind
Jeff Buckley
Sketches for My Sweetheart The Drunk

“♫ How many times have you heard someone say/ “If I had money, I would do things my way.” But little they know, that it’s so hard to find one rich man in ten, with a satisfied mind […] ♫”

This cover of Satisfied Mind was played at Buckley’s memorial service and was added at the end of Sketches as a tribute to Jeff.

Many others great artists like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and The Byrds have sung this classic but no one had done it like Jeff. Recorded on October 11th, 1992 at WFMU radio station, this version of Satisfied Mind, like most Buckley covers seems like it was written for Jeff to sing.

Buckley sounds like a blues prophet coming back from the grave to give us this important lesson in life. And with all the demonstrations about economic equality, Satisfied Mind should be the anthem of our modern world.

I love the way Joe “Red” Hayes described the writing of Satisfied Mind. He said.
“The song came from my mother. Everything in the song is things I heard her say over the years. I put a lot of thought into the song before I came up with the title.”
“One day my father-in-law asked me who I thought the richest man in the world was […] He said, ‘You’re wrong, it is the man with a satisfied mind.”

A tribute to his parents is a song that shares the best advice on how to leave this world—with a Satisfied Mind.

Jeff Buckley: Satisfied Mind