Don’t Forget the Songs-365 :Mach Dos Day 1
Mon. Jan 10, 2012

Here We Go Again
John Lennon
Menlove Ave

Happy, Don’t Forget The Songs -365 Day 1. This is mock two of my daily contemplative, creative celebration of the music that inspires me daily.

I started Don’tForget365, a year ago— on Facebook and Twitter because of my love of music. This is my outlet to show why certain songs choose me and connect with me.

Today, we’re starting off with a John Lennon gem from Menlove Ave. This Rock ‘n’ Roll outtake was a Lennon/Spector composition recorded in ’73 but finally released in ’86.

This track is ultimate opening song to any playlist, mix CD or tape. It’s also perfect for our first blog of 2012.

Welcome aboard and get ready for 365 days of classic cuts, outstanding outtakes—revelatory rarities and everything in between.

Friends, nobles and country lads—let me your ears, turn up to eleven and “♫ Here We Go Again […] ♫”